We are a full service family owned business that finishes what we start.  In nearly twenty years of working with realtors, attorneys, and families in Georgia, we have yet to have a bad reference from one of the over 300 estates sales run by our company.  We are thorough, competent, and have great references regarding our integrity.

When we tell you we are going to do a job, we do it.  Contract signed or not, our word means everything to us.  A handshake is worth more than a pen.  With a crew that has been working hard together for nearly a dozen years, we have seasoned laborers, cashiers, evaluators, cleaners, haulers, and sales people.  Our reputation precedes us and all who have worked with us know that we do what we say we will and in a timely fashion.

With our company you may rest assured you are in safe hands with people who are familiar with the business.  We know just what to do to complete your sale and leave your residence and property empty, clean, and ready to market or inhabit.  We are well known in the Atlanta area for our full-service attitude.  Our clientele return to our sales week after week to purchase your items and help empty your home, knowing that they can count on us to have an unstuffed sale with your items only and not having them picked over or pre-sold.

Jason Stone