Tips For Shoppers

A brief refresher course for veteran shoppers and introduction of events for our newbies to follow;

You arrive, park rationally and follow all parking signs.
Be kind to the neighbors and keep your voice down to a minimum.
When you venture to the front door unless it is in the wee hours of the morning you will sign up on the entry list manned by whomever was earlier than yourself. If you are there first, by all means start a list. Chances are you will not be first unless you slept in your vehicle as many folks show up to shop these sales at midnight or before if there is something they deeply desire.
Once you have signed your name onto the list, you may not leave the sale or your name will be removed. This is not to say you can’t return to your car to rest, go inside to use the restroom, talk to a neighbor or walk your dog. Just don’t drive off and go shopping or home and expect to return to your name where it was. The folks who watch the list are very particular that they keep the entry fair. This works for us too as we are all about fair and square treatment on both ends.

At the time you sign in you will want to grab a raffle entry that Jane most times has up front of the line. This is your chance to add any constructive criticism to our sale format for me to read in my office and hopefully take into consideration for future sales. I try to read all of the comments and kudos and all of the constructive criticism as well. We try to implement the useful advice you give us.
You don’t like the donuts, think Tupperware is too expensive, would rather have decaf…this is the time to say what you think. In the future, if your name gets called on the raffle and you have left off a comment, we will call the next name so it could be worth $100 to not be lazy and give us your thoughts.
At any rate, while you are signing into the line list, sign up for the raffle and comments ok? Great!
Now we have you sit and relax. Depending on when you arrive this can be awhile. We make every attempt to see that you are comfortable.
Chairs, canopy, coffee, donuts, toilet, water, friends and family.
You are welcome here and you have found a comfortable surrounding to relax in until the fun starts. Introduce yourself to new friends.
At 9am precisely one of us or one of you will dig through the raffle box and call out the winner for the $100 credit to that day’s sale.
Whomever is called will use that credit to buy something they want.
The credit is not transferable to another buyer.
You may not carry it over to another sale.
This is used that day at that place.
If the person who is called did not leave a comment or is not present, we will simply pull another name and they will be the winner.

Get ready…its now time to SHOP!!!

We open the doors and let you in to shop. As you enter the sale be sure to grab a checkout number from Steve or Blanca Topper or whomever is at the front door offering them. This is the time to think ahead and get that number to keep your wait at checkout shorter and more organized. If you forget to grab a checkout number when you enter it may take a long while to get cashed out once you return to pay.

Our lines have occasionally gotten quite long and while we now mostly have TWO cashiers to help you get settled up when you are ready to pay and go…it is still more timely to have your number in advance. If your number is called and you are still shopping, when you exit they simply go back to your number.
For example if we have just checked out number 145 Steve will then ask is there anyone here below number 146? Then he will call the lowest of those present.

This makes for a fair game plan all along and believe me when I say this is the best method we could offer for a fast and easy checkout of a busy sale.
After 30 years of trying various options, this seems the smoothest.
Here is a list of some of the questions I am asked daily and my responses to those inquiries if you are interested.
About pricing…how do we know what it will cost?
If an item is not priced bring it up front and the girls will price it for you at that time. If the price is too high for you and you do not want it for that price, they will put it back out for sale. Most items tend to be priced but many houses have over 100,000 items so it would not be possible to price all items when you do multiple sales per week, nor do many items warrant a price-tag as they tag may be worth more than the actual item. Remember the discounting time-frame listed above for each sale.